OWL Purdue University There are many online writing labs (OWLs) out there, and the one I have used myself and with my students is the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. I am guiding you to the “General Writing Concerns” section of the “old” site that, as they state, includes:

“In this section of our site, we offer you handouts and exercises on starting to write, effective writing, revising, editing, and proofreading, and types and genres of writing. If you are interested in a more extensive tutorial on research papers, check out our research paper workshop. We also have a research report workshop on writing scientific and technical reports. Finally, there are also some PowerPoint presentations related to general writing concerns.

We now have printer friendly versions and Adobe PDF versions of all of these handouts available. Visit our printer-friendly general writing concerns index to download and print any of these handouts. You can also get a printer friendly web page or PDF version of each handout by clicking the links on each page.”

This is an excellent resource to guide students in the writing process. Another OWL site I have used is the Bowling Green State University Writing Center. Please share other OWLs you have found useful!

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