Ubuntu 7.04 Update Feisty Fawn

Posted: April 23, 2007 in Current Event, Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Technology, Technology Integration

I did the automatic update in Ubuntu and moved to 7.04 without a hitch. This is my first time upgrading within the system rather than downloading and doing a fresh install of Ubuntu. No problems or difficulties to report as of yet. This ease of upgrading is a serious plus for use in educational settings.

  1. Brad Kovach says:

    I did a fresh install to Feisty just so I could time it. I was able to get Feisty installed and XGL/Beryl installed within a 45 minute timeframe! Ubuntu is they way linux should be. Seriously.


  2. nhokanson says:

    The only time consuming part of the auto update for me was obviously downloading the update. I set it going overnight and all was installed by morning. I would imagine with my connection it was about a 2-3 hour download. I need to continue with my “old world mac” installs of Ubuntu (especially Edubuntu), but I haven’t had the time as of yet. I envision Edubuntu in K-3 classroom with GCompris in full use!!!

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