For the past several years I have been involved in facilitating the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest at Star Valley Middle School. This year one of my students placed 1st to represent the state of Wyoming and 6th nationally in the contest! Congratulations to Britney for her thoughtful paper. It is a bittersweet moment as Britney’s great-grandfather recently passed away, and he was the major topic of her essay on “Citizenship in America.” What a beautiful tribute to his service to our country and the legacy he leaves behind.

Britney Titensor, a 7th-grader, sponsored by VFW Post 4797, Afton, Wyo., will receive a $4,000 U.S. savings bond.

My hope is that participation in this wonderful interdisciplinary activity will continue at Star Valley Middle School now that I have moved on.

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  2. jenny says:


  3. Slaters says:

    We are proud of you!

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