“Without music, life would be a mistake…” -Nietzsche

Posted: March 22, 2007 in Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Music Education, School 2.0, Technology, Technology Integration, Web 2.0

Hannah Marching Band My two oldest children, Hannah (a freshman trombone player and beautiful choir singer) and Charlie (5th grade guitar player), are budding musicians. School is where they have engaged in this opportunity, and research shows the benefits on academic performance for students involved in music education programs (NAMM). I was, for a time, a trumpet player, and my wife played an alto sax throughout her school years. Music is an important part of our lives and the iPods and other music making/playing devices that inhabit our home are in heavy use.

Charlie Guitar I recently read an article at eSchool News Online (Requires FREE registration to read full articles.) about music education and Web 2.0 titled “Music education moves online.” The information included several online and software programs that enable collaboration amongst musicians. I have also included a link to an excellent software program that I purchased for my son’s guitar practice sessions: Guitar Shed.



In The Chair


I am interested in learning about valuable online resources that music educators use to supplement their instruction or to enrich student practice. Please share!

UPDATE!!! I was informed of a new product (see comments) called StarPlay that is in its beta version and can be tried for FREE. The following video explains StarPlay’s benefits:

  1. Michelle says:

    Just thought i’d let you know about StarPlay (beta) – a new product by In the Chair and Sibelius. It has all the functions available in In the Chair and will have the ability to access sibeliusmusic.com (with over 60,000 titles), import your own sibelius files and a new file sharing community for users to share their music. Best Part – Master Classes with Sammy Nestico!!

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