Over the years I have used Webquests in my classroom and generated a few of my own. Webquests are excellent ways to engage students in the learning process while utilizing the valuable resources found on the Internet. There are many ready made Webquests covering all disciplines of study found on the Web. One particular Webquest I created, refined, and used for many years with my 8th grade U.S. History students was called “New Inuits in Town.” The Webquest culminated with the students actually working in groups to create igloos. Our climate, highland, allowed for plenty of snow, and the students enjoyed the activity. The following is part of a video from one of our Webquest generated igloo building adventures:

The music for the video comes from the band Elysian Sky. It is comprised of three wonderful souls, two of which are my former students from back in my Dakota Valley High School teaching days (1994-1997): Jobey McGinty and Jamie Sanders!!! Check out the band’s site and score some awesome tunes TODAY!!!


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