The following article is a continuation of yesterday’s post and is taken from the Casper Star Tribune:

“Statewide test faces more trouble

Star-Tribune capital bureau

CHEYENNE — Topping off a troubled week for Wyoming’s statewide assessment, educators learned Friday that some students who scored “proficient” on part of the exam may have to retake it anyway.

Schools across the state on Friday received “estimated” scores for the writing portion of the Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students. They will be combined with precise reading and math scores to determine who will retest later this month.

Melissa Cade, curriculum director for Weston County School District 1, said the estimated scores could force educators to make a “gut feeling” decision on retesting.

And some pupils who actually cleared the proficiency hurdle might be putting pencil to paper again this month. “We were never under the impression that we were making a judgment call,” she said.

State Department of Education spokeswoman Mary Kay Hill Friday recommended retesting students whose writing scores are “on the bubble.”

The problematic scores represent the latest in a string of troubles with PAWS, which will help determine if schools are making “adequate yearly progress” under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Earlier this week, the test maker, Texas-based Harcourt Assessment, delivered the scores 10 days late. The delay cut short the time students have to prepare for the retake, which begins on March 26.

“Every time we turn around it seems like there’s one more kink in it,” said Cade, who is optimistic that the test eventually will become a “powerful tool” for Wyoming students and educators.”

Nothing surprises me anymore! I am gaining a solid foundation of low expectations concerning this testing procedure. Does Texas have these same issues (Read the related articles in my previous post!)?


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