Yes, it is easy to be critical, but it is not an easy thing to be part of the solution. As I thought of what to post about today, I was having a difficult time narrowing something down. The state I currently reside in is the smallest in population. It is required like any other state to meet the requirements of NCLB, but are all states created equal?

I want to share two online news articles about Wyoming’s state assessment: PAWS. Read and reflect to make your own conclusions. I would like to hear your comments on the situation that has resulted here. It is not cut and dry, and I think it highlights the complex and multifaceted challenges that come into play when we test our students. Then, I want to share a blog posting that explains, very well, the intricacies and misinterpretations that can arise from testing. I look forward to any comments you may have on these subjects.

Casper Star Tribune: “Schools get test results late

Casper Star Tribune: “Firm: Next scores won’t be late

Ed Tech Journeys: “Misleading Data Hides NCLB Scandal

I have a personal stake in all of this as my children have been directly affected by what you have read, but we all are affected. The time has come to take a stand and realize REAL children are being tossed about in this whole situation. My children, your children, your neighbor’s children, your grandchildren, and so on. How do you explain it all to your kids, what do you say, what do you do? I’m afraid the answer may often be NOTHING. I hope not, but this is becoming a very scary and frustrating experience for me and my family. How about you?

  1. […] Nothing surprises me anymore! I am gaining a solid foundation of low expectations concerning this testing procedure. Does Texas have these same issues (Read the articles in my previous post!)? […]

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