Next Vista for Learning is:

“An online library of free videos for learners everywhere – find resources to help you learn just about anything, meet people who make a difference in their communities, and even discover new parts of the world. And Next Vista for Learning wants to post your educational videos online, too. Everyone has an insight to share and yours may be just what some student or teacher somewhere needs!”

“Next Vista works to make learning more engaging, with a focus on helping students start strong with any topic they study. Its central project is a free, online library of teacher- and student-made short videos for learners everywhere. Next Vista believes a strong four-minute video could save students days or weeks of frustration by providing a variety of presentations on the topics that give them trouble.”

“Learning is stronger when it starts with an engaging introduction of each topic. If numerous creative student presentations and strong introductions by teachers passionate and knowledgeable about given topics are available, many more students will be able to start their studies with, “Okay, I can learn this,” rather than, “I just don’t get it.” In addition to help with their studies, students need opportunities to learn more actively about other parts of the world as well as how people have worked to address problems in communities near and far.”

This is a growing “open source movement,” and you will find the “Light Bulbs” section the most stocked at this time. In that particular section, for example, are several math video lessons that would serve as possible introductory, alternative, differentiated, or reteaching resources. I especially like the ability for teachers and students to share and add to this resource. Get your lessons, presentations, and projects polished and video camera ready and help add to this learning community!

  1. Neil,

    Thanks for the mention, and I do hope all of you who follow this blog will find the resources at useful. I am happy to answer any questions anyone has, and echo the invitation to create content – a few minutes of imagining what it would be like to have multiple focused presentations of every topic you teach available for free might well prompt folks to get involved.

    Share insights!

    Best wishes from Santa Clara, California,

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