Game Show Presenter Several years ago I came across Game Show Presenter and at the time only had access to one computer in my classroom. I was looking for ways to spice up my instruction to engage my middle school students in social studies facts that often just have to be known before moving on to higher order thinking skills.

My answer to part of this challenge was Game Show Presenter. It has a cost of $49 for educators with a discount for district licensing, but this program brought fun and excitement to my classroom and was well worth the modest cost! You can try it for FREE, and it works on a Macintosh or Windows platform.

You put in the questions and answers, rate the questions (hard – easy, etc.), and then choose your settings (background, sounds, etc.). It is great to project onto a SmartBoard or screen, but I have had students use it simply on a computer screen. My students also enjoyed making game shows that integrated with their own or group projects, and the incentive was they wanted to make and “play” Game Show!”

You will see a quote on the right side bar at the program’s web site that states:

“It’s so much fun, and a great review tool.” — Neil (Middle School teacher)

That’s me, and I continue to feel the same way about this wonderful tool! Try it today with any age level. Game Show Presenter is a lot of fun and definitely stimulates learning!


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