Heather at the computer. This is my youngest daughter at the computer (I think a booster seat is in order!). Young children can benefit from the many learning opportunities found on the Internet. Continuing my early childhood theme and focus, I would like to share several online games and activities for the emerging learner. In an article found in the ISTE Learning & Leading with Technology journal Elizabeth Ross Hubbell reviews several early childhood resources:

Similarities and Differences

Humphrey Bear’s “Magic Forest Clock” and “What Doesn’t Belong”

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences “What’s Wrong With These Pictures”

Homework and Practice

BBC Little Animals Activity Centre

Get Ready to Read

Starfall “Learn to Read Section”

Nonlinguistic Represenation

National Geographic WildCam AFRICA (Seasonal)

PBS Kids Africa

Generating and Testing Hypotheses

PBS Parents Creativity Challenge

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

I invite you to explore these activities with young children as they are valuable resources and great examples of ways to integrate learning technology at home and in the early childhood classroom (K-3).


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