Developing Beginning and Early Readers

With growing readers at my house it becomes imperative that we provide a supportive, positive, and modeled environment that encourages reading. My 6 year-old son is reading books that his kindergarten teacher sends home each day. My 14 year-old daughter and 10 year-old son are avid readers, and my 8 year-old son recognizes activities that often trump reading. My 3 year-old daughter loves stories and is fascinated that her 6 year-old big brother can now read! Reading is important in our home, and that is a key element in the success of any child’s reading development. Three sites that have been part of our early reading support in our home are as follows:

BookPALS Storyline Online

Learn to Read at Starfall

Reading is Fundamental

My son’s kindergarten reading program: Little Books

My older children’s school reading programs: Reading Mastery Horizons and Accelerated Reader

Please share your online finds that provide support for early and continuing readers!

“Computing award goes to female for first time”

On another note, I was pleased to read the following article (linked here) about Frances E. Allen, the first woman to receive the Turing Award:

“One of the most prestigious prizes in computing, the $100,000 Turing Award, went to a woman Wednesday for the first time in the award’s 40-year history. Frances E. Allen, 74, was honored for her work at IBM Corp. on techniques for optimizing the performance of compilers, the programs that translate one computer language into another. This process is required to turn programming code into the binary zeros and ones actually read by a computer’s colossal array of minuscule switches.” (

For my two daughters, and the “flat world,” Allen serves as a great role-model for young girls and women around the world. Congratulations!!!

  1. […] resource is another associated with an earlier post: Reading is Fundamental. […]

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