5 Ways to Successfully Integrate Technology in the Classroom

Posted: February 20, 2007 in Adult Education, Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Technology, Technology Integration

I have been reflecting on my technology use in the classroom and wanted to narrow down five things that enabled me to be successful in that pursuit:

1.  Set aside a section of time each week to focus on technology (ie. One Planning Hour).

2.  Search for, join, and collaborate with other educators that are actively integrating technology in their classrooms (In House and Online).

3.  Before creating an activity that utilizes technology, look for existing activities (Don’t reinvent the wheel!).

4.  Be patient and try, try again (It may not always work like you wanted it to, but don’t give up!).

5.  Listen to and act upon criticism from students and actively involve them in integrating technology (Students have great ideas on how to use technology to learn!).

I can think of many more, but these are five I believe have helped me the most.  What do you suggest?

  1. These are some great bullet points and well worth any educator’s time to reflect upon….I’m going to think about this some and post my thoughts at my site.

    Brian Grenier

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