What are your hopes and dreams in an educational setting?

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Technology, Technology Integration

Given an ideal educational setting what would be your hopes and dreams? Some of mine would be: laptops for every secondary student; wireless connectivity in all buildings; enlightening professional development; immersive technology integration; wholesale collaboration among staff, parents, students and the community; and the resources to fund, manage, and sustain it all!

Given a current educational setting what are your hopes and dreams? A few of mine include: a caring technology support staff that is not overburdened and that is equipped and available to offer training and assistance with a focus on technology integration in the learning process; every staff member represented with an online web presence (web pages, especially a blog); full utilization of current technology hardware and software in the classroom; students engaged in dialogue with staff, each other, and parents concerning the social skills particularly when it comes to technology in today’s world; responsible, research based decision making when it comes to the life of and utility of hardware and software; a serious consideration of open source options; and a positive outlook and approach as to what we already have access to with an eye on what we can try or do in the future.

Please share your hopes and dreams on an ideal and/or current educational setting!

The folks at Infinite Thinking Machine have a video that is relevent to my topic here:

  1. I love the picture you have painted here. This is the world we are looking for and in many ways, live in. I work at the university level and all of our incoming students are required to buy a laptop. We have wireless over pretty much our entire campus. We have a very dedicated instructional technology and technology support staff. All of these factors however, are not enough. My ideal setting would also include students that are there to learn and have a burning desire to use the resources they have to achieve that. Technology is mostly used by the students to connect them with their peers, and not with the vast amount of information available out there.

  2. Good points Jeff, and the students are who we have to tap into by finding ways to get them to interact with the information they need to know to compete in this technology driven world. How do we go about that? First I think we ask them! I know they have ideas on how they would rather “learn” information. Some of “my” best lesson plans were created by students. Jane Vella talks about learners as decision makers and the death of the professor, and she goes on to point out that the educator “might, through hard work and study, be able to name the moment of their own death as professor and celebrate their living as learners.” This is a shift we must make in education, especially as learners developmentally grow and become more independent. They need and want that ownership, and I believe educators can and should facilitate that process.

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