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I realize this is old hat to many of you, but I am documenting the events anyway to give hope to the fearful or discouraged;-)! They say the third time is a charm, and I suppose it is in the case of loading Ubuntu 6.10 on my Mac Pro using Parallels. I did everything the same as I had before, but this time it worked. I think what brought me some luck were two articles I read today at about installing Ubuntu and Vista using Parallels. These instructions use an earlier build of Parallels, but you have essentially the same installs.

What does all of this have to do with instructional technology? Everything! These are in part the bits and pieces that make up the tools for instruction and learning. The conveyor belts of information that feed the mind and allow it to seep into the brain to ferment upon reflection and then spill forth as ideas, thoughts, and actions via the spoken or written word and through kinesthetic movement as people work together in a common cause or goal. This information is the Comstock Load of our time that can be disseminated across space and time like many could never have imagined. This is the time we live in, and the information continues to grow and expand exponentially! Technology assists that growth, and it serves as a tool to help each of us to manage and utilize information. Bits and pieces coming together to fill our minds and help each of us to change our world!


Last summer I began my world of blogging with mixed results. Time is always the big stumbling block. With a flurry of information over the past two weeks and a reorganization process as to which blogging client I should use, you see the results before you. I have been reading blogs for awhile now, and I am amazed and uplifted by all those that are willing to share their thoughts, ideas, struggles, triumphs, and knowledge on numerous topics. I am also seeing the benefits of getting organized when it comes to keeping track of all this information. It can be overwhelming to keep it all straight at times. To help me I have begun using Technorati to sort through this sea of knowledge and have “claimed” my blog there: Technorati Profile.