“A new study raises concerns about how communication technology can facilitate teen dating abuse.”

Posted: February 11, 2007 in Current Event, Education, Educational Technology, Ethics, Instructional Technology, Technology Integration

For teen daters, a cellphone can be an abusive leash” reads the title of this article found in the Christian Science Monitor, and the topic is being circulated around the newswires. Before the reactionary forces decide to put an end to this technology let us take a look at the opportunity that this dilemma offers. With all of the communication devices that young people have access to in today’s world it is important that they have guidance as to how to use them in a positive manner. Thus, the need for dialogue in the classrooms and homes around the world as to the importance of social skills when it comes to communication. This study serves, as I have already mentioned, as an opportunity to converse and learn together as students, teachers, parents, and children in a constructive manner to the positive and negative uses of technology. It is not the technology that is to blame here, it is the inability of some who cannot communicate appropriately. Please, let us all remember that! Talk, listen, and solve together. Keep the lines open on the phones, in the classroom, and at home.


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