My First Document using OpenOffice 2.1 in Windows Vista

Posted: February 9, 2007 in Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Technology Integration

Well, here it is, my word processor for my new operating system: Windows Vista. I am running Vista in virtualization mode using Parallels for the Mac. My computer is a Mac Pro, and it has been exciting to run multiple operating systems on this computer. Now, I begin the process of looking for open source software so that I can utilize the Windows operating system.

My first acquisition was the Firefox web browser. Then I went to Grisoft and downloaded the free version of the AVG anti-virus software. What other programs am I going to need? Well, a photo editor might come in handy: GIMP is a possibility. I will have to see what needs I have as I progress.

In summary, it looks like OpenOffice 2.1 works well in Vista so far. The trick will be opening and viewing other documents as time goes on. I did try OpenOffice for the Mac several years ago, and the only problem I had, with limited use, was opening PowerPoint presentations. I will have to experiment with that again. So, there you have it an early review of OpenOffice 2.1 running in Windows Vista.


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