Why am I blogging? In part I am creating a web portal for resources that I use or am interested in. For the most part it is for me. For now it is a form of communication, conversation, and reflection with myself, but it has the possibility to open up to others and that is one of the goals for a blog: dialogue – a two way conversation. For now this blog serves as a reflection exercise, and I think this process is refreshing and has an air of renewal to it. However, as humans we need to communicate to learn, grow, and to a certain extent survive. Blogs offer a stage for dialogue, reflection, and renewal, and they give people an opportunity to share with those out there that may be interested in what one thinks or has to say. As a tool in instructional technology blogs can open the minds of students and give them a place to voice their opinions, especially students who may be apprehensive to share comments in a classroom but want to tell their take on particular topics.


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