Vista and Parallels

Posted: February 6, 2007 in Educational Technology, Instructional Technology

I received my copy of Windows Vista Ultimate edition yesterday and have it running in Parallels on a Mac Pro.  Since I am using virtualization software to run Vista I don’t have access to the Aero feature; however, I am quite impressed with the new features in Windows in comparison to XP.  I am also pleased with the operation of Parallels and how “snappy” Vista runs.  I have used Virtual PC on Macs for quite awhile and this new setup is like night and day!  I am using the Release Candidate 2 (Build 3150) version of Parallels, and it is a big improvement over the “1970 build” I had been trying.  It makes for an easy install of the operating system of your choice.  I have also run Kubuntu and Ubuntu in Parallels, but I have not been able to install these operating systems with success.  They are unsupported operating systems for now; nevertheless, I can run them from the CD to try them out.  I really appreciate the ability/possibility to run several operating systems, and this opens up the opportunity to try out many new and exciting things.


Windows Vista




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