“Learn Math – Or Die Trying”

Posted: February 5, 2007 in Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Technology Integration

Tabula Digita has created a “first-person shooter” game that requires players to use math skills as they complete a series of tasks. The following is the product description found at the site (demo download links below):

Dimenxian™ is an educational video game based upon first person action adventure formats. Since it contains a very high-end 3-dimensional virtual world, it features an immersive learning environment that encourages exploration, engagement, and achievement. The graphics, sound, and animation compare positively to features found in some of today’s most popular video games, while allowing students to learn material critical to passing high stakes exams.

Its educational philosophy is based on experiential learning in which users learn through interaction and involvement. Dimenxian incorporates challenge, control, curiosity, collaboration, and competition (key elements of successful video games) to provide stimulation and motivation which lead to engagement and ultimately achievement.

The product series will begin with Introductory Algebra and will deal with foundational concepts or with especially problematic content areas before addressing other parts of the curriculum. The products are built upon strong pedagogical concepts, align with NCTM standards, and adhere to learning research in the areas of math and gaming.

The product supports the following key objectives that have been requested by educators:
High engagement level
Increased achievement against educational goals
Reporting (of gaming/learning results)
Diagnostics (based upon performance and recommendations for remediation)
Collaborative learning environment
Team play environment
Social collaboration
Competition (online)
Peer tutoring
If you can imagine your students or children engaged, inspired and achieving their desired results, contact Tabula Digita by calling (212) 529-3450 or email us at the following address: info@tabuladigita.com.

Download a demo of Dimenxian for Macintosh or Windows at http://www.dimenxian.com/.


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