Computer Based Tutorial Creation Resources

Posted: February 2, 2007 in Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Technology Integration

I want to share some tutorial creation resources that I have used over the years in my classrooms. Tutorials give students an opportunity to practice various levels of information, and I have often challenged students to create their own tutorials with the resources I share.

This is a subscription site ($49 per year for a single user – try FREE for 30 days) that allows the user to enter information to create several fun learning activities: Rags to Riches, Hangman, Matching, Essay, etc. The tutorials are stored on the Quia servers but can be easily linked to and shared. Look for tutorials that others have already created and use them with your students NOW!

Hot Potatoes

This software is FREE to download and use for educators and enables the user to store their tutorials on their own web server: Quiz, Matching, etc.

SnapzPro X (Macintosh) and SnagIt (Windows)

This software enables the user to create computer screen captures and allows the creation of videos showing how to perform steps in a process or how to use a paticular piece or pieces of software. Atomic Learning is a good training resource that uses this type of software to create computer training tutorials (Try some of their FREE tutorials today).

Game Show Presenter

If you only have access to one computer and a projector/Smart Board in your classroom Game Show Presenter is a fun program that allows you to create tutorials the entire class will enjoy “playing.” You can try it for FREE!

Hokanson’s World Geography Tutorials

These are some tutorials I have created, borrowed, and used with my own students. Most were created using Quia and Hot Potatoes.

These “programs” are what I have used on a consistent basis to help students in my classrooms and what I have used to train other educators that I have come in contact with. Try them out and start integrating technology with computer based tutorials in your classroom today!


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