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Fixin’ Things!!!

Posted: October 8, 2007 in Education, Learning

Broken Window Two months ago I shared my experience with a broken window at my home. My thoughts then focused on breaking through windows to reach out and experience what we could see or imagine but didn’t have the opportunity to touch. feel, and change. Today that broken window was fixed, but it took awhile. Sometimes things get broken and it takes time to pick up the pieces, clean up, find the resources that can assist in repair, and usually requires some willing, helping hands. Broken things are not always easy to fix, and often frustration, despair, and fatigue can enter the picture.

Fixing something usually requires determination, resolve, and courage. It takes a vision of what can be made whole again and how it can be done. Although, time may pass and one may feel change is too slow or may never come it is important to remember that anything can be accomplished if people put their minds to making something right. My eleven year old son who broke our window two months ago spent some time earning money to pay for this new window, and we worked side by side this evening to take out the old and put in the new window. There was a great sense of accomplishment, but there was more of a feeling of redemption: paying back or making something right.

Fixed Window Charlie didn’t have to do all of this alone. He had people along the way to make up the difference and to fill the gaps that he could not do without help. That is what fixin’ things, as Mickey Joe Howard would say, is all about. It is never too late to right a wrong, repair a friendship, start over, do over, or make something up. That is how we learn, and that is how we grow. What are you fixin’ to do?

Madison Middle School This has been a busy and exciting week for me. I had the opportunity to teach another SMART Board mini class on Tuesday. We had parent teacher conferences last night and this morning and deployed the parent portal portion of our student information system. Many parents stopped by our display to gain their access code that allows them to view their children’s grades online. Special thanks to Connie, and it was a pleasure to work alongside her!!!

This afternoon I took part in a professional development with the staff from one of the middle schools in our district, and we learned about RSS and everyone left with a brand new blog added to their arsenal of teaching tools. I look forward to following up and supporting these great teachers in their pursuits of blogging, and I hope that it becomes a useful tool for many of them and their students.

This middle school staff is great, and I have to admit each time I am with them or in their building I wish I was teaching with them, sharing their students, and being a part of what is very special. Their instructional leader is superior and a person that I am honored to work with. They may not even recognize the excellent situation they all have, and if they do I hope they cherish it, nurture it, and hang on to it with all their beings. Madison Middle School, I am completely impressed with you all. Thanks for letting me be a small part of all you do!!! Peace!

The following is an inspiring, humorous, sobering, and marvelous lecture from Dr. Randy Pausch.

Candle Our power was off for several hours this evening and it was a pleasant experience. We had children sitting at the dining room table doing homework by candle light, I told stories about the olden days when I was a cowboy, and we were together because it was dark. There were no computers on nor television; yes, iPods were charged and available but no one thought to use them. The technology we used was mostly paper, pencils, and books. These forms of technology have served their purpose well for many years, and I have a feeling they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon because, you know, the power could go out at any moment.

An interesting perspective from the author of “The World is Flat.”